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Congratulations to 3 of our NED Managed Services clients for winning top NAIOP 2011 Awards of Excellence!

The New Mexico chapter of NAIOP (the commercial real estate development association) recognizes the top architecture projects in the state every year with their Awards of Excellence. This year three of our clients – Studio Southwest Architects, Chavez-Grieves Consulting Engineers, Inc. and NCA Architects– won top project awards for their architecture engineering and design projects. Congratulations to all of them for winning such prestigious awards, their winning projects are:

Chavez Grieves Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Award: Chavez Grieves’ Architects won the NAIOP Chairman’s Award for the renovation of the University of New Mexico Arena, better known locally as the Pit. The Pit renovation included an expansion of meeting  and special event space and brought the  45 year old venue up to contemporary  standards of the best in College sports arenas. The renovation also met all of the support functions for UNM men and womens’ basketball programs under one roof.

Chavez Grieves Pit Project

Chavez Grieves' Renovation of the Pit

Award: Chavez Grieves’ Engineers also won the category for Education Post-Secondary with the Gateway Building at Central New Mexico Community College’s Rio Rancho Campus. The project was a multistory 66,000 square-food instructional building that is the first structure on the 40-acre CNM campus at Rio Rancho’s City Center. The project was completed at $2 million under budget and is designed to meet the standards of LEED Gold Certification.

Chavez Grieves' Gateway Building

Chavez Grieves' completed design for the Gateway Building

Studio Southwest Architects

Award: Studio Southwest Architects won the category for Renovation/Remodel with the beautiful historic renovation of the Memorial Hospital built in 1926 into Hotel Parq Central, the chic new hotel in Downtown Albuquerque.

Hotel Parq Central

Studio Southwest Architects Hotel Parq Central Before & After

Award: Studio Southwest Architects also won the category of Education Remodel with the renovation and expansion of Connor Hall on the Santa Fe campus of the New Mexico School for the Deaf from the historic pueblo-revival style dormitory built in 1928.

Connor Hall

Studio Southwest Architects' design for Connor Hall

NCA Architects

Award: NCA Architects won the NAIOP Award of Excellence for the New Mexico Court of Appeals, which had also previously won an AIA architecture design award. The New Mexico Court of Appeals is a 33,000 square foot three-level facility housing courtroom facilities and Judges Offices.

New Mexico Court of Appeals

NCA Architects designh for the New Mexico Court of Appeals

NED manages Chavez Grieves, Studio Southwest Architects, and NCA Architects’ IT networks and provides 24/7 monitoring support so that they can focus all of their creative efforts and attention on creating innovative projects that keep them the top architecture and engineering firms in New Mexico. There is no limit to what our clients can achieve with NED’s help.

To learn more about our NED Managed Services, click here: NED


How Access Controls Secure Your Business

Securing your business requires much more than just a lock and key. Access Controls allow you to authorize entry and to always know who is in your facility, where, and when.

Access Controls are IP-based keyless entry solutions equipped with full software features to ensure reliable managing and real-time 24/7/365 monitoring of your facility’s entrance points.

»Benefits Access Control security can provide for any facility:

  • Monitor your facility’s entrance points in real time and 24/7
  • IP-based and uses your business’ existing Internet. Since the software is web-based, it makes for easy remote management on any computer.
  • Keyless entry using fobs, photo badges, iris scans, or fingerprints. One fob can open any door in any facility and be used in multiple locations.
  • Supports an unlimited number of doors and users
  • Operates through power and network outages
  • Hosted and highly secure
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Employee time monitoring tool
  • Control who enters the facility by keeping the door permanently locked and using buzz-in entry buttons
  • Software allows for system events and alarms to be displayed on any computer.
  • Map views, alarm activity can be controlled by icons on the map
  • Record keeping and archiving
  • Drag and drop and easy one-click alarm arming and disarming
  • Eliminates need to ever replace keys
  • Disable terminated employees’ fobs immediately
  • Control locking and unlocking to prohibit entry to certain areas of the facility at certain times.

Access Technologies partnered with Quintron to provide our customers with government standard Access Control security.

To learn more about Access Technologies’ Access Control systems visit

Quintron Access Control Security Video

Click Here to View Quintron's Access Control Security Video


Have you met NED?

We would like to introduce you to NED– our exclusive remote management system. Your business can rely on NED to manage your IT network with true 24/7 support and alerting services. Our highly trained professionals can integrate our Managed Services with any new or existing Voice, Video, Security, Wireless, Wi-Fi, Digital Signage, and Data technology on any network. Leave your IT network to NED so that you can get back to business.

About NED:

  •  Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT network monitoring, alerting, and reporting services through NED to help your business reach its full potential.
  •  NED Managed Services is 24/7 capable, fully customizable, and provides true 24/7 alerting and diagnostics services.
  •  You can count on NED as your organization’s  cost-effective comprehensive solution for the ongoing implementation, management, IT support, and maintenance of   your technological infrastructure.
  •  NED can be applied over multiple integration technologies (Voice, Video, Data, Wireless, Wi-Fi, Digital Signage, Security, etc.)
  •  Contact NED with the click of one button by installing our NED chat button onto your desktops.
  •  Hardware (computer) maintenance is included with NED to ensure that your equipment is always running efficiently.

You can visit for more information about hour our NED Managed Services can help you access your business’ full potential.


Video Surveillance Management System Demo

Our Video Surveillance software partner, March Networks, just came out with a fantastic video that includes key features and a demo of our Video Surveillance Management System software.

From this video you can learn about the amazing benefits and security features that our Video Surveillance software can provide for your company.

Click the image below to view the demo on our physical security website:

Video Surveillance Management System Software Demo Make your organization’s physical security a top priority.


Watch The Latest Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demo!

Our Wi-Fi partner, Xirrus, just came out with a great new Wi-Fi Array Demo. Since many of us are more visual and auditory learners, here is the video that demonstrates the unsurpassed features and benefits of Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays.

Click the image below to watch the latest Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demo.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demo

Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demo

You can learn more about our Wi-Fi services at our specialty site:  Access Technologies Wi-Fi


Happy Wi-Fi Day!

Wi-Fi Day won’t be coming around for another hundred years, so today we have been Tweeting out our favorite comments about the disk-shaped Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays that we have gotten from clients and people passing by our Wireless display at Trade Shows. My personal favorite is when people ask “What is that? The Starship Enterprise?” It also isn’t a Roomba vacuum or industrial-strength smoke detector.

Array v.s. Starship Enterprise  Our Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays not only look space-age cool- they provide unmatched Wi-Fi capacity, range, and coverage.

There is no other Wi-Fi device that can provide the power that the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array can for large facilities and offices, which is why we installed the arrays in our own building.

Learn more about our Wi-Fi Arrays and Services!

You can find our Wi-Fi Day Tweets here:    @AccessTec

Why is Today Wi-Fi Day?

  • Today is 8/02/11, the date spells out 802.11, which is the IEEE standard for Wi-Fi networks.
  • The next Wi-Fi Day won’t come around for another 100 years.

Wi-Fi Industry News:

The need for reliable, powerful, and secure Wi-Fi is growing exponentially due to the growing popularity of handheld Wi-Fi mobile devices. The IDC reports that twice as many smartphones and tablets with Wi-Fi capabilities will ship compared to laptops this year. The number of Wi-Fi certified handsets in 2010 was almost 10 times the number certified in 2007. Tablets, e-readers, adn portable audio devices are helping to drive the mobile device growth. The Wireless environment now has very different radio behavior than it did only a few years ago. Wi-Fi infrastructures now have to become more sensitive to mobile Wi-Fi clients. This is not easy because the IEEE 802.11 WLAN standard puts the client in charge of connections; which is the opposite of a cellular network where the infrastructure takes charge of the client’s behavior.  It is now not uncommon for users to have two or more Wi-Fi devices being utilized at once (for example a smartphone and a laptop).  Xirrus Arrays provide complete Wi-Fi connection for any mobile wireless environment.

*Data for this information was taken from Network World’s article “Wi-Fi client surge forces new look at WLAN designs”. The article can be found here:


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