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How Access Technologies Got Its Start

Our owners recently sat down with New Mexico Business Weekly to discuss how Access Technologies got its start in 1995, and how it continues to grow as one of Albuquerque’s premier IT and technology networking companies.

Find the article here: How I got started: Praphai and Tim Gorman

Access Technologies' Owners Tim and Pie Gorman


New Mexico Rail Runner Express Digital Signage Project Wins a 2012 Digital Signage Expo Apex Award

One of our Digital Signage screens on the NM Rail Runner Express

One of our Digital Signage screens on the New Mexico Rail Runner Express.

Our VP Tim Gorman working on measurements during the first steps in the digital signage installation

Our VP Tim Gorman working on measurements during the first steps in the digital signage installation.











New Mexico Rail Runner Express

New Mexico Rail Runner Express








Our digital signage project for the New Mexico Rail Runner Express won the Bronze medal in the Transportation category of the Digital Signage Expo’s 2012 Apex Awards!

Project Information:

The New Mexico Rail Runner Express is a commuter train that currently runs from Belen to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our client for this digital signage project is the Mid Region Council of Governments.

Project Goals:

The purpose of this digital signage project was to provide the passengers of the New Mexico Rail Runner Express with visual station information in the form of a map of the train stations that is updated as the train moves from station to station; meeting ADA requirements for the hearing impaired. We met these goals by creating new easy-to-read maps on the digital signage screens that are updated as the train moves from station to station in the form of a dot moving up the route, the screen text reads what station the train is at when it arrives, and the scrolling text also displays the next stop to give riders advance notice to when their stop is coming up. The digital signage screens allow the New Mexico Rail Runner Express to meet ADA requirements with a visual view of the route, where before passengers were alerted to which stop the train was arriving to only through announcements through the intercom system. The previous loud speaker script also did not include alerting passengers what the next stop was.  Now with the digital signage in place, station arrivals and next stops are announced both visually and over the intercom speakers.

Project Benefits to Our Client:

The Mid Region Council of Governments benefits from this project by ensuring that the New Mexico Rail Runner Express meets ADA requirements. The train also now has the opportunity to run advertising on the digital signage screens next to the maps to incur ad revenue to assist with the maintaining the New Mexico Rail Runner Express’ daily costs.

Project Challenges:

One challenge faced during this project was the irregular space requirements on the trains, which called for custom engineered mounts and enclosures to fit the equipment already in place on the train. Programming of the content was also a challenge due to synching the GPS device with the correct timing to display the needed content at the correct time.

Project Specifications:

This project consisted of installing two 40’’ Planar LCD screens onto each New Mexico Rail Runner Express car with Scala, Inc. digital signage content creation software run by one industrial computer. The customized Scala screen content is updated based by location on the train route by GPS signals; we coordinated with Scala on the testing and synching of the GPS system. In total, the project will include digital signage installation onto 22 cars.

To see our Apex Award and for a complete list of the 2012 Apex Award winners, click here.


Our Digital Signage on the Rail Runner Express is a DSE 2012 APEX Award Finalist!

Our Digital Signage project on the Rail Runner Express has been announced as a Finalist for a Digital Signage Expo 2012 APEX Award!

You can find the full list of finalists here: DSE 2012 APEX Awards

Digital Signage on the Rail Runner Express


How Access Controls Secure Your Business

Securing your business requires much more than just a lock and key. Access Controls allow you to authorize entry and to always know who is in your facility, where, and when.

Access Controls are IP-based keyless entry solutions equipped with full software features to ensure reliable managing and real-time 24/7/365 monitoring of your facility’s entrance points.

»Benefits Access Control security can provide for any facility:

  • Monitor your facility’s entrance points in real time and 24/7
  • IP-based and uses your business’ existing Internet. Since the software is web-based, it makes for easy remote management on any computer.
  • Keyless entry using fobs, photo badges, iris scans, or fingerprints. One fob can open any door in any facility and be used in multiple locations.
  • Supports an unlimited number of doors and users
  • Operates through power and network outages
  • Hosted and highly secure
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Employee time monitoring tool
  • Control who enters the facility by keeping the door permanently locked and using buzz-in entry buttons
  • Software allows for system events and alarms to be displayed on any computer.
  • Map views, alarm activity can be controlled by icons on the map
  • Record keeping and archiving
  • Drag and drop and easy one-click alarm arming and disarming
  • Eliminates need to ever replace keys
  • Disable terminated employees’ fobs immediately
  • Control locking and unlocking to prohibit entry to certain areas of the facility at certain times.

Access Technologies partnered with Quintron to provide our customers with government standard Access Control security.

To learn more about Access Technologies’ Access Control systems visit

Quintron Access Control Security Video

Click Here to View Quintron's Access Control Security Video


Have you met NED?

We would like to introduce you to NED– our exclusive remote management system. Your business can rely on NED to manage your IT network with true 24/7 support and alerting services. Our highly trained professionals can integrate our Managed Services with any new or existing Voice, Video, Security, Wireless, Wi-Fi, Digital Signage, and Data technology on any network. Leave your IT network to NED so that you can get back to business.

About NED:

  •  Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT network monitoring, alerting, and reporting services through NED to help your business reach its full potential.
  •  NED Managed Services is 24/7 capable, fully customizable, and provides true 24/7 alerting and diagnostics services.
  •  You can count on NED as your organization’s  cost-effective comprehensive solution for the ongoing implementation, management, IT support, and maintenance of   your technological infrastructure.
  •  NED can be applied over multiple integration technologies (Voice, Video, Data, Wireless, Wi-Fi, Digital Signage, Security, etc.)
  •  Contact NED with the click of one button by installing our NED chat button onto your desktops.
  •  Hardware (computer) maintenance is included with NED to ensure that your equipment is always running efficiently.

You can visit for more information about hour our NED Managed Services can help you access your business’ full potential.


Watch The Latest Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demo!

Our Wi-Fi partner, Xirrus, just came out with a great new Wi-Fi Array Demo. Since many of us are more visual and auditory learners, here is the video that demonstrates the unsurpassed features and benefits of Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays.

Click the image below to watch the latest Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demo.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demo

Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demo

You can learn more about our Wi-Fi services at our specialty site:  Access Technologies Wi-Fi


RCR Wireless News Interview Featuring Access Technologies: Battling Wildfires With Wireless Technology

RCR Wireless News recently interviewed Access Technologies’ Jack Gorman about how our Wireless system is helping firefighters battle the Las Conchas wildfire near Los Alamos.

Jack Gorman discusses how our Wireless system originally designed for the Santa Ana Pueblo is now providing crucial Wireless communications support for the firefighters fighting the massive blaze.

Click on the image below to view the interview.

RCR Wireless News Interview with Access Technologies

RCR Wireless News Interview with Access Technologies.

RCR Wireless’ article that corresponds with this video:

Wireless Technology Helps Battle The Las Conchas Fire in Los Alamos, N.M.


How Our Wireless System is Providing Crucial Support for the Los Alamos Firefighters

The Exalt Communications microwave wireless backhaul system that Access Technologies designed and deployed is providing crucial communication support to the U.S. Forest Service firefighters battling the over 100,000 acre wildfire near Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Access Technologies was originally commissioned to supply Wireless Internet access from Santa Ana Pueblo’s government building headquarters to their SSI building to provide Internet service to all of Santa Ana Pueblo’s government entities that are located about 80 miles from Los Alamos. Once the Las Conchas fire started burning, the US Forest Service established their fire command center at the Santa Ana Pueblo by connecting into the Exalt wireless system to oversee firefighting efforts in the area. The Forest Service is now using the Pueblo’s wireless system to connect the command center to the Pueblo’s data center for Internet access to order supplies, schedule deliveries, and perform other vital functions as it directs crews against the massive wildfire near Los Alamos.

“When the Forest Service decided to establish a command center here at the Pueblo, they asked us to provide access to our Exalt microwave system to provide them with Internet access,” says Stephen Smith, IT Director for Santa Ana Pueblo. “We connected their command center to the system, and it has been working flawlessly for them ever since.”

Images of the Las Conchas fire:

Las Conchas Fire Firefighters Los Alamos National Labs

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