Happy Wi-Fi Day!

Wi-Fi Day won’t be coming around for another hundred years, so today we have been Tweeting out our favorite comments about the disk-shaped Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays that we have gotten from clients and people passing by our Wireless display at Trade Shows. My personal favorite is when people ask “What is that? The Starship Enterprise?” It also isn’t a Roomba vacuum or industrial-strength smoke detector.

Array v.s. Starship Enterprise  Our Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays not only look space-age cool- they provide unmatched Wi-Fi capacity, range, and coverage.

There is no other Wi-Fi device that can provide the power that the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array can for large facilities and offices, which is why we installed the arrays in our own building.

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You can find our Wi-Fi Day Tweets here:    @AccessTec

Why is Today Wi-Fi Day?

  • Today is 8/02/11, the date spells out 802.11, which is the IEEE standard for Wi-Fi networks.
  • The next Wi-Fi Day won’t come around for another 100 years.

Wi-Fi Industry News:

The need for reliable, powerful, and secure Wi-Fi is growing exponentially due to the growing popularity of handheld Wi-Fi mobile devices. The IDC reports that twice as many smartphones and tablets with Wi-Fi capabilities will ship compared to laptops this year. The number of Wi-Fi certified handsets in 2010 was almost 10 times the number certified in 2007. Tablets, e-readers, adn portable audio devices are helping to drive the mobile device growth. The Wireless environment now has very different radio behavior than it did only a few years ago. Wi-Fi infrastructures now have to become more sensitive to mobile Wi-Fi clients. This is not easy because the IEEE 802.11 WLAN standard puts the client in charge of connections; which is the opposite of a cellular network where the infrastructure takes charge of the client’s behavior.  It is now not uncommon for users to have two or more Wi-Fi devices being utilized at once (for example a smartphone and a laptop).  Xirrus Arrays provide complete Wi-Fi connection for any mobile wireless environment.

*Data for this information was taken from Network World’s article “Wi-Fi client surge forces new look at WLAN designs”. The article can be found here: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/062011-wifi-explosion.html


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