How Our Wireless System is Providing Crucial Support for the Los Alamos Firefighters

The Exalt Communications microwave wireless backhaul system that Access Technologies designed and deployed is providing crucial communication support to the U.S. Forest Service firefighters battling the over 100,000 acre wildfire near Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Access Technologies was originally commissioned to supply Wireless Internet access from Santa Ana Pueblo’s government building headquarters to their SSI building to provide Internet service to all of Santa Ana Pueblo’s government entities that are located about 80 miles from Los Alamos. Once the Las Conchas fire started burning, the US Forest Service established their fire command center at the Santa Ana Pueblo by connecting into the Exalt wireless system to oversee firefighting efforts in the area. The Forest Service is now using the Pueblo’s wireless system to connect the command center to the Pueblo’s data center for Internet access to order supplies, schedule deliveries, and perform other vital functions as it directs crews against the massive wildfire near Los Alamos.

“When the Forest Service decided to establish a command center here at the Pueblo, they asked us to provide access to our Exalt microwave system to provide them with Internet access,” says Stephen Smith, IT Director for Santa Ana Pueblo. “We connected their command center to the system, and it has been working flawlessly for them ever since.”

Images of the Las Conchas fire:

Las Conchas Fire Firefighters Los Alamos National Labs

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